Data-Driven Healthcare

Metrix Health is a data analytics company that provides operational tools to streamline clinical workflow and prevent medical errors


Requires No Changes in Clinical or Administrative Practices

Smart Room Sensors

Metrix Smart Room Sensors allow healthcare administrators to optimize staffing and case scheduling by using our highly accurate, low cost Real-Time Location System (RTLS).

Smart Patient Bracelets

Metrix Patient Safety Bands prevents medical errors and saves time by automating pre-procedure verification of the patient ID, type of surgery, anatomic location and allergies.

Intelligent Asset Tags

Metrix Asset Tags maximize profitability of existing medical equipment, which helps clinicians spend less time searching for equipment and more time caring for their patients.

Staff Security Badges

Metrix Staff ID Badges allow administrators to know the exact location of staff. This tracks movement and time spent on each task identifying any bottlenecks in workflow.


Expert Physicians. Proven Engineers.

Mathew Thomas, MD | CEO

Mathew Thomas, MD

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Thomas is an accomplished physician-engineer with experience in banking, management consulting (McKinsey & Co.) and demonstrated expertise in mathematics, physics, software engineering, statistics and clinical medicine

Dr. Thomas matched to Stanford in Diagnostic-Radiology prior to founding Metrix Health. He holds dual Bachelor of Science degrees in Finance and Physiology (Summa Cum Laude, Highest Distinction) from Carlson School of Management at University of Minnesota

Specialties: Objective-C, Java, Swift, HTML5/CSS/JS, RDBMS, HDFS, HIVE/noSQL/HBase and IT Administration (.NET, RHEL 6.x+, Ubuntu 12.x+)

Joseph Chui | CTO

Joseph Chui BS, MS

Chief Technology Officer

Mr. Chui brings 15+ years of mission-critical, software product development experience in robotics, aerospace, defense, finance and medical imaging

Prior to founding Metrix Health, Mr. Chui architected high performance enterprise products, including ROBOGUIDE (30M+/yr since FY2012) for FANUC, Inc. - the world's largest and most secretive robotics company

Mr. Chui holds joint honors B.S./M.S degrees in Mathematics & Software Engineering from prestigious McGill University in Montreal

Specialties: ANSI C, C++, .NET, Objective-C, Java, Swift, 3D Graphics, Imaging, Multi-threading, OpenGL/OpenCL/OpenGL, ES/WebGL

M. Delong, MD | VP Products

Michael Delong, MD

Clinical Design

Dr. Delong is an award-winning physician-scientist and has published extensively in the medical literature, including the prestigious JAMA

Additionally, Dr. Delong maintains an active practice as a plastic surgery resident-physician at UCLA

Dr. Delong graduated from Duke University School of Medicine at the top of his class

Specialties: Clinical Trial Design, Quantitative and Statistical Analysis

J. Thomas | VP Strategy

Joseph Thomas, BSB

Business Development

Mr. Thomas is involved with business development and product design at Metrix Health. Prior to joining Metrix Health, Mr. Thomas brings a wealth of knowledge in project and team managment from experience starting small businesses in the US and managing commercial retail properties abroad

Mr. Thomas holds a Bachelor of Science in Business (B.S.B.) in Entrepreneurial Management from University of Minnesota’s Carlson School of Management

Specialties: Project Management, Photography, Visual Design and UX